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"Only with a good wine, you can really appreciate the good side of life"

In the sunny Salento area, since 1950, the Mocaveros produce high quality wines that spread out qualities such as tradition, taste, research, passion whom Francesco and Marco are devoted, as homage to the heritage of their father Pietro. Following tradition and innovation, the Mocaveros produce 16 great wines, result of a careful selection of grapes, in which taste emerges. Nowadays, Mocavero production includes 10 red wines, 3 white ones, 2 rosé ones, 1 dessert natural sweet wine, gathered in 5 lines.


"Crus" is a French word that in winery terminology means the area where a wine comes from, its qualities, winegrape and way of production, commercialization and quality history of a company.
With "Crus" wedescribe out top selection of wines, aged in oak barrels or barriques for several months and then in bottles.


"Selection" Line has some masterpieces of Mocavero wine production, as a Reserve of Salice Salentino.
Red wines of this line are aged in oak barrels, thank to this process, they gain more and more smells and value.


"Classic" line pays homage to great wineyards of the Apulian and Salento tradition: each wine is named after the wine it comes from.
These are great tradition wines that make special also the most basic wine-pairing.


"Essence" line pays homage to Francesco and Marco’s father, Pietro, who gave birth to the company in 1950’s.
All the wines of this line are recognizable by “Sire” on the name, as Sire in Salento dialect means "father". Excellent and fundamental wines that are essential on any table.


Sweet but natural, as Aleatico, the grape that gives birth to this wine is a semi-aromatic wine variety, with a huge quantity of sugar, that is why it is suitable to make some sweet wines.

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